Kirk is high on promoting education amongst the youth by encouraging students to achieve their best academically. He shares a message that challenges each individual to take a look at the effort put forth towards school. To succeed in middle school, high school, college or any other academic setting his focus is to help students create a plan to make their future dreams a reality and not just a wish.

Workshop Topics

Character Building: Success Is the Art of Being Who You Already Are

For today’s youth, image is everything and confidence in one’s character is essential for true success. Everyday decisions and crucial choices rely on a youth’s self-confidence; who one wants to be and how they will become that person inevitably result from these decisions and choices. This presentation challenges young people to think critically about each decision that may affect their character while highlighting the importance of one’s full efforts and the best approaches for building character. Once a person is confident in their character, success is no longer a difficult task to conquer.

Using Your Tools to Pay for School

The average cost of tuition and fees at a four-year college or university is $31,000 per year. What is important to remember is everybody has a gift of which they can use to pave the way to the future. Athletic ability, academics, and extracurricular achievements can finance one’s education and thus spark future professions and opportunities. This presentation highlights the importance of using one’s abilities as a resource. Future college students will find themselves prepared for the hard work and commitment needed to make it to college without experiencing any personal financial burden.