Organizing a community that uplifts the youth and encouraging them to reach their goals and expand their limits is an important role in creating a strong community. Kirk opens the eyes of the community and provides helpful advice and ideas to assist this generation with creating a life plan. If you are an organization that works with the youth and are committed to helping them find their purpose and share their passion, Kirk would like to come along side of you and speak P.O.W.E.R to the youth.

Workshop Topics

Pushing or Pulling the Red Wagon: On the Decision to Succeed

Success in life can be summed up in one saying: “Life is like a red wagon; you can push it or you can pull it.” Kirk Berry’s grandmother imparted this proverb on her grandson during his impressionable years, and now he wishes to communicate its significance to others. In this presentation, Kirk uses the Red Wagon as well as his own experiences and his faith practices to guide others through the decision-making process and its impact on the directions our lives take.

Turning Life’s Pain into POWER

Life presents all different kinds of pain: financial aid falls through and there is no way to pay for that last year of college, the young professional two years out of school who cannot secure a job, failed relationships, marriages, career paths, and personal losses. Pain can create a state of inertia for its sufferers, preventing any forward movement or successes. This workshop demonstrates how to turn that ball of emotion called pain into the fuel to keep one going.