Kirk speaks on the need for self-leadership within a company and creating an environment where each person in the work place can excrete their natural born leadership ability. A company with many thriving leaders generates a positive outcome for a successful business.

Workshop Topics

Leading Yourself: A Stronger Network and a Richer Brand

A company with many thriving leaders generates positive outcomes for a successful business. Self-leadership is the first ingredient to achieving this ideal environment as well as a strong, extensive network of professional connections. This workshop focuses on helping corporate team members discover their self-leadership while engaging them with effective connection-building techniques. Participants will leave with a professional relationship development plan and the appropriate skills to assess and identify suitable potential clients.

Purpose vs Passion: Are You Serving More than Yourself?

Purpose and passion may seem to be interchangeable notions, defining the actions with which every person fills their days. However, these words mean very different things in relation to the parts we play in life. One is an emotion, fleeting and subject to change despite its intensity; the other a reason for all the honorable deeds committed each day. This inspiring session delineates the differences, engaging the audience using real-life anecdotes, for those unclear of the distinction and questioning their life’s aspirations.