After living the life of a Division 1 collegiate athlete Kirk now uses his experience to generate a triple threat athlete. He emphasizes the importance to not only have dedication on the field or the court, but also in the class room and towards a future career. Kirk’s experience with playing college football helps him understand a young athlete’s desire to play professional sports, and he also knows what it takes to be successful outside of the game. Due to his success as a college graduate, college athlete and now a professional entrepreneur he is committed to showing other student athletes how to stand out as a Triple Threat.

Workshop Topics

More than Winning The Game: The Triple-Threat Athlete

Student athletes already excel at playing the game, but it takes excelling in three arenas – athletics, academics, and future career endeavors – to make the most of the dreams one has and the life one is given. If student athletes cannot cut it in college, their dreams for the future, whether they be playing professional sports or owning a multi-million dollar company, will not be attained. Kirk Berry teaches today’s student athletes how to capitalize on their victories and make the best of their opportunities in order to avoid wasting their dreams.

Using Your Tools to Pay for School: College Athletes

Not every high school athlete aspires to play professional sports. What is important to remember is that college athletics can pave the way to a future; sprinting in circles or chasing a ball around a field can finance one’s education and thus spark future professions and opportunities for many young individuals. This presentation highlights the importance of using one’s athletic prowess as a resource. Future college athletes will find themselves prepared for the hard work and commitment needed to play sports on the collegiate level while excelling academically.